Case Studies

Ortecha provides enterprise data management solutions for some of the world’s largest banks and investment organisations. Read our client stories and case studies here.

A unified BCBS239 risk data model for a major multinational banking group

Through the creation of a common business glossary, an enterprise data model and documented data lineage, Ortecha is helping an international banking group transform what was a fragmented collection of risk data and feeds into a consistent, coordinated unified risk data model supporting BSBCS239 risk data aggregation and risk reporting.

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Front to back data architecture controls data and delivers cost savings

Ortecha created a complete front to back conceptual information architecture for a major investment bank. The new architecture covers the complete breadth of the bank’s business functions; and multiple data flows between internal business functions and external sources and consumers.

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Developing a new architecture for data reporting and analytics

Ortecha is currently helping a major UK retail bank develop a new architecture for data reporting and analytics. When completed this new architecture will give the bank a much deeper understanding of the underlying data used to create management information/business intelligence for its commercial banking operations.

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Using compliance demands to transform management of risk data

Financial companies attempting to comply with stringent regulations such as BCBS239, governing their approach to risk may face huge difficulties. Often, a bank’s risk management functions depend on uncoordinated, inconsistent risk data management applications and platforms.

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