Data Governance

Data management is meaningless without an effective framework for Data Governance. Ortecha can help you develop best practice Data Governance that will organise data management responsibilities, ensuring consistency and control across your organisation. Effective Data Governance also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and internal procedures.

Ortecha can help you create a data strategy, beginning with a comprehensive assessment of data capability maturity within your organisation. We can then help you define a target level of maturity and create a roadmap to reach it. We will also identify tangible value to be realised by your company as you go through the process of developing and refining the data governance framework.

Ortecha also works in partnership with the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council, which works to create and implement global standards for effective data management. Our partnership with the Council means the solutions, techniques and principles we use to help clients enhance data governance and data management strategies are informed by cutting edge research and based on industry best practice.

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