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The frameworks

The EDM Council is a global association created to elevate the practice of Data Management as a business and operational priority. 

It publishes two top Data Management cross-industry best practice frameworks: DCAM® and CDMC™. 

They’re designed to be used to guide a program of work, as well as an assessment tool that produces a metric to quantify progress.

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The Data Management Capability Assessment Model sets out everything organisations need to consider to manage their data well.

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The Cloud Data Management Capabilities model describes how best to manage data during migrations to, and operations in single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments.

The Training

In order to use the frameworks effectively, it’s important that teams have a common understanding of the concepts and terminology.

The EDM Council has created a training course for each of its frameworks, which steps through every component.

An optional exam afterwards results in a professional certification, contributing to the career development of the students. 






Ortecha is one of only a handful of Certified Partners, and our friendly tutors are authorised by the EDM Council to provide this training.

We’re deeply involved in creating new versions of the frameworks, so we have a profound understanding of the intention behind the words. Pete and Mark led the development of DCAM v2 (check out their names in the front of the handbook!), we’re already shaping DCAM v3 in the working groups that are meeting at the moment, and a lot of hard work went into the creation of CDMC v1 last year.

We run a lot of DCAM and CDMC assessments using these models, and guide organisations who are using the frameworks to improve their Data Management capabilities, so we’re ideally placed to explain how to understand and use them. Between us, we’ve taught more than 1000 students!


Both DCAM and CDMC are two-day courses.

We recognise that’s a long time to concentrate (and be away from email) so we incorporate regular breaks into the timetable.

Either are possible; we find there’s better interaction if we’re all in the same room, but if students are in different locations, online can be more practical.

Our trainers are based in the UK and the US but we can accommodate different time zones.

It’s the same EDM Council content, but our decades of data management experience and dozens of DCAM and CDMC assessments means we can bring it to life and make it even more practical and relevant. Plus, a dedicated training course for your company means students can speak freely about their challenges and questions, and we can tailor our discussions accordingly. 

There’s an optional online multiple-choice test students can take after the end of the course (most do).

There are 25 questions to answer in 50 minutes, with a pass mark of 70%.

If they pass the exam, they’ll receive a certificate, and a badge via Credly which they can add to places like their LinkedIn profile or email signature.

The certification is for a particular version of the framework. When a new version is published (once every few years), a shorter refresher course is available which focusses on the new aspects, so students can upgrade their certification.

The price depends on the size of your organisation, whether it’s a member of the EDM Council, and the number of students you want trained, so please register your interest and we’ll get in touch to understand your circumstances and provide you with a figure!

The exam is included in the cost.

No – but it does make it cheaper. And if you’re adopting the frameworks you may like to consider becoming one, as you’ll benefit from the support and guidance offered to members.

Register your interest

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CDMC™ is the Cloud Data Management Capabilities model. It sets out how best to manage data during migrations to, and operations in single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments.

DCAM® is the Data Management Capability Assessment ModelIt’s a framework that describes what’s needed to effectively manage your data, as well as an assessment tool for measuring your capabilities.

Struggling to implement DCAM? We’ve put together this handy 5 step guide to help you understand how to use it to assess and uplift your Data Management & Analytics capabilities.

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