What's CDMC?

CDMC™ is the Cloud Data Management Capabilities model, developed by the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council. It sets out how best to manage data during migrations to, and operations in single, multiple and hybrid cloud environments.

Assess your cloud environment and track a formal set of metrics

Prove your cloud environment with an independent certification 

Use the framework to guide your control of sensitive data

Improve the standardisation and automation of your data

Train your people in the model to ensure a common understanding

Why Ortecha?

We’ve been closely involved in the development of CDMC so we understand the intent behind the words, and how to apply the model to real-life cloud platforms. We’re proud to be one of the first CDMC Authorised Partners (CAPs), licensed to perform certifications.

Ortecha is one of only 15 CDMC Authorised Partners worldwide

We lead the EDM Council’s Best Practice program

Our consultants are fully accredited Assessors and Trainers

We know how to apply CDMC to your platform and processes

We’re experts in DCAM, the broader model underpinning CDMC

How we can help you

Readiness Assessment

An analysis of your existing cloud capabilities, giving you a score that can be tracked over time, and preparing you for a full Certification Assessment.

Certification Assessment

An audit of your compliance with any (or all) of the 14 controls in the CDMC model, based on substantiated evidence. Certification is valid for 12 months.

CDMC Training

Adopting the CDMC framework means getting your head around quite a bit of information. We can provide EDMC accredited training to take you through it all step by step.


CDMC Assessments often identify areas that need improvement. We use best practice to help you manage your data efficiently in your cloud environments.

My experience with the Ortecha team has been wonderful! It is impressive to see how quickly they bring value to the organisation.