What's DCAM?

DCAM® is the Data Management Capability Assessment Model, developed by the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council. It’s a framework that describes what’s needed to effectively manage your data, as well as an assessment tool for measuring your capabilities.

Use the model to guide your Data Management activities

Measure the perception and/or evidence of your capabilities

Compare your score with the EDM Council industry benchmark

Uplift your capabilities and demonstrate improvement over time

Prove the value of your data program with an independent metric

Why Ortecha?

We literally know DCAM inside out! Not only are we DCAM Authorised Partners, we’re deeply involved in the development and promulgation of new versions of the framework, so we understand the thinking behind the words, and the direction it’ll be going in the future.

Ortecha is one of only 30 DCAM Authorised Partners worldwide

We lead the EDM Council’s Best Practice program

Our consultants are fully accredited Assessors and Trainers

We’re experienced at leading assessments of all formats

We understand how to apply DCAM to practical activities

We have trained


people in DCAM

We have analysed


DCAM artefacts

We have asked


DCAM assessment

How we can help you

DCAM Assessment

A DCAM Assessment quantifies your data management capability. We can survey or interview representative stakeholders and review your artefacts, then calculate your score.

Data Capability Uplift

Once you know your DCAM score, the next challenge is to improve it. We can analyse your assessment results, identify the best areas to tackle first, and create an achievable roadmap.

DCAM Training

Adopting the DCAM framework means getting your head around quite a bit of information. We can provide EDMC accredited training to take you through it all step by step.


DCAM describes what aspects of Data Management are needed but not how to deliver them. We use best practice to help you develop your processes, models and documents.


Policy Compliance At a GLobal Bank

The Challenge

The CDO Data Governance team of a US-based Global Systemically Important Bank (G-Sib) released a data policy update with a two-year, three-step compliance schedule.

They needed to align the policy to a defined set of data management capabilities to establish a road map for executing against the phased policy compliance.

They also required a formal evidence-based mechanism to monitor policy compliance across the Enterprise and Business Unit operating levels that would support internal and external audit review, with a focus on BCBS239 compliance.

What we did

Executed a global capability assessment using the EDM Council’s DCAM framework

Created a Knowledge Model of the bank’s Data Management Policy & Standards, DCAM, and the EDM Council’s BCBS239 Model

Completed a challenge review of the business unit compliance artefacts to evidence the assessment scores

The Benefits

Clear and concise business unit level data policy compliance road maps

Tangible process to meet regulatory requirements, aligned to building sustainable data management capabilities

Transparent and measurable compliance road map to inform internal and external auditor conversations


DCAM at a Big 4 UK Bank

The Challenge

A Big 4 UK Bank had launched a three-year strategic transformation programme, but with no clear understanding of its existing Data Management capabilities, nor a strategy for how they could be improved.

The Chief Data Officer needed a means of measuring the current state, defining targets across the three years and then managing delivery.

What we did

Established their baseline DCAM score, and reassessed every 6 months

Defined achievable DCAM targets that were adopted as board metrics

Recommended focus areas for uplift, to move them towards their next target

Mapped programme plan milestones to the DCAM elements, to aid tracking

Trained key staff in the DCAM framework and coached the CDO team

The Benefits

Clear view of Data Management capability across the bank

Data Management improvements delivered across all business critical divisions

DCAM targets achieved and metric now comparable to industry peers

Data culture foundations set via awareness of DCAM and what it means to the bank’s long term business and data strategy

There is absolutely no doubt I have real experts working with my team from Ortecha who are passionate about Data Management and the impact it can have.

Chief Data Officer, Big 4 UK Bank


To read our Data Leaders Guide to implementing DCAM, please submit this form and you’ll be emailed a link. 

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In the summer of 2019, we teamed up with DAMA UK to present a webinar on DCAM, including the history of how and why it was created, an explanation of the model structure* and advice about how to use it effectively.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

* Please note, this refers to DCAM version 1.3 – the latest version is 2.2 but the same principles apply!

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