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Consulting & Advisory Services

Ortecha consultancy and advisory services are based above all upon the depth of our technical and industry expertise. Our consultants have many years of experience delivering successful data projects for financial organisations. They have proved their worth as trusted advisors on data issues of every conceivable kind facing companies in your sector.

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When you work with Ortecha you can be sure you are working with a company that knows data inside out and has a deep understanding of the operational, strategic and regulatory data issues facing companies working in the financial sector. We are proud of our record and the frequency with which initial client engagements develop into long-term working relationships.

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Ortecha can provide a comprehensive range of data management solutions to help you develop and refine data management processes and architectures. We also offer additional data storage, content management and data security solutions through our technology partners.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture solutions incorporate a business glossary to standardise data management terms, specify an Enterprise Data Model, strategic requirements and integration architectures; and align your data with business functions

Data Quality

We can provide Data Quality solutions to ensure the quality and consistency of the data upon which your business ultimately depends

Regulatory Solutions

Ortecha can design and create regulatory solutions that will enable your business to respond more quickly and effectively to specific ongoing and ad hoc regulatory demands

Ortecha can implement accelerators that will help your business achieve more and derive more value from your data management technology investments more rapidly.

Industry Model Expertise

Ortecha has extensive experience in working with data and message models to accelerate solution deployment and adaptation. These include data models such as IFW, Teradata and FIBO; and the FpML standard and FIX protocol

Ortecha Data Architecture Framework

The Ortecha Data Architecture Framework can be mapped to an organisation’s circumstances and requirements. It enables the creation of an enterprise-specific data model, helping to control, understand and use your data more effectively

Model Driven Development

Model Driven Development reduces build time of data management architectures and reduces data errors, so also reducing risk, cost and disruption during implementation

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Case Studies & Clients

A unified risk data model

Through the creation of a common business glossary and an enterprise data model, Ortecha is helping an international banking group transform what was a piecemeal and confusing mess of data types and feeds into a consistent, coordinated unified risk data model.

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Front to back data architecture

Ortecha created a complete front to back data architecture for a major investment bank. The new architecture covers the complete breadth of the bank’s business functions; and multiple data flows between internal business functions and external sources and consumers.

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Transforming management of risk data

Financial companies attempting to comply with stringent regulations such as BCBS239, governing their approach to risk may face huge difficulties. Often a bank’s risk management functions depend on uncoordinated, inconsistent risk data management applications and platforms.

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