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Are your data definitions data issues databases data policies management reports data models data quality dashboards data risks data processes analytics insights

giving you a headache? tedious meetings? grumpy colleagues? a queasy feeling? extra manual work? unhappy data scientists? sleepless nights?

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We improve your data

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You know your data isn't great, and as an organisation it's making you inefficient. You need like to get some proper Data Management in place - and prove its value quickly.


You have some tools and processes in place, but you're still noticing issues with your data. You want to use what you've got more effectively and make sure you've not forgotten anything.

END (or is it?!)

Your Data Management is pretty good, but you're doing a lot of it the old-fashioned manual way, and it's limiting your ability to innovate. You'd like to increase automation, and perhaps move to the Cloud.

...we can help you take the next step

Why Choose Us


We focus exclusively on Data Management. We lead the development of industry best practice and work with innovative technology to find new ways to solve business challenges while optimising revenue and minimising risk.


We’re closely engaged with the EDM Council on their Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM), a framework that sets out what to consider when managing data, and a tool for measuring progress.


We are practitioners rather than management consultants, and enjoy turning advice into practical improvements. With a blend of expertise, we span both the organisational and technological aspects of data.

We love having the Ortecha team around, not just for their knowledge but because they are engaging, fun, intelligent and produce great work

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