The data leadership series part Six

A festive
fireside splat

What is the Data Leadership Series?

Each month, with the help of data experts on the panel, we will guide you and your teams through a relevant data leadership topic.

What is this event about?

Join Ortecha Managing Partner, Pete Youngs, and 3 seasoned guests as we round up the major events in the world of data in 2023 and look ahead to 2024.


We’ll share our reflections on the ever-growing data landscape and look back on some of the challenges and highlights from the past year, and indulge our curiosity as we make some predictions for the next 12 months. And of course we’ll be getting festive, with some buzzword bingo and live Q&A. Pete may even wear his Christmas jumper…

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Part 1: 2023 In Review

We start with a look back at the topical issues from 2023, such as the emergence of ChatGPT and the implications of this on businesses. With commentary from our expert speakers, we’ll analyse what this year’s trends have been, what has influenced the market and how to navigate the complex world of data.

Part 2: Looking ahead to 2024

In the second part of our session, we’ll discuss what to expect for the future, its challenges and opportunities, whilst also inviting you to share your vantage point for 2024. By the end of the event, we will have fortified you with the resources and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.


Pete Youngs

Managing Partner, Ortecha

Kyle Winterbottom

Founder and CEO, Orbition

Susan Walsh

The Classification Guru

Stijn (Stan) Christiaens

Co-founder &
Chief Data Citizen at Collibra

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2023 was a busy one in the world of data, with the rise of AI, new concepts like Data Products, and challenges to the way Data & Analytics teams prove their value.

What will 2024 bring in the world of data? If AI is here to stay, it’s time to focus on Data Governance and Data Fluency – because clean data is more important than ever.