What's a Data Strategy?

A Data Strategy defines what data is most valuable to you and how you’ll leverage it in the context of your business. A Data Management Strategy describes how you’ll manage that data as it moves through your business functions, departments and teams. 

Define your vision for using your most valuable data

Define your approach for managing your most important data

Identify your highest priority and most beneficial activities

Create a living document that evolves as your needs change

Make it real by establishing processes and ways of working

Why Ortecha?

We know how Data Management activities can be hampered when the ultimate goal and direction of travel aren’t clear – or perhaps once were, but now sit on a shelf gathering dust! We advocate living Strategies that are meaningful and usable.

We understand the difficulties of agreeing on a vision

We know how to capture the right level of detail

We focus on realistic, sustainable outcomes that add value

We ensure the approach aligns to business objectives

We encourage managed online content over static artefacts

How we can help you

Data Strategy

Does your organisation use or generate a lot of data? Does the sheer volume and complexity of it all feel a little overwhelming? We can help you set out how you’ll derive value from your data.


Data Management


Do you find that managing data without a Strategy in place is difficult, time-consuming or expensive? We can help you define your approach so you manage your data more efficiently.


Strategy Audit

If you already have a Data or Data Management Strategy, are you getting the benefit you hoped for? We can review your Strategy and develop a practical plan for getting you back on track.


Strategy Consulting

Wherever you are with your Data or Data Management Strategy, we can support you. Whether you need high-level one-off advice or regular ongoing guidance, we can help you define & deliver your vision.


Data Management Strategy at a Big 4 UK Bank

The Challenge

A Big 4 UK Bank had launched a three-year strategic transformation programme, but without a thorough understanding of their data needs, nor a clear strategy for how data would be managed across the bank to realise long term, sustainable value.

The Chief Data Officer needed to define how the bank would manage its data efficiently and effectively, by prioritising their most important data assets.

What we did

Supported the collation of strategic requirements from each business area  

Defined an ambitious but achievable target state and interim transition states

Advised on industry best practice to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’

Supported the integration of the strategy milestones into roadmaps and plans

Aligned activities with the bank’s DCAM model, to enable execution to be tracked

The Benefits

Clear and comprehensive Data Management Strategy

A focus on data critical to meeting business objectives

A bank-wide understanding of the vision for Data Management

A solid foundation for the three-year program transforming the bank

Strategic activities linked to multi-year DCAM targets

Ortecha are a fundamental piece of our Data Management Strategy and are helping to shape how we transform our bank by managing our data assets.

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