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Our Story

Ortecha was founded in the UK in 2010 with a single mission: to help organisations manage their data. We felt that Change Projects too often focussed purely on technology, and that a different approach would result in more successful outcomes.

In the early years of the company, our Data Architecture skills came to the fore as we helped large financial institutions meet regulations brought in after the global financial crisis.

The Data Governance side of our expertise proved useful when we started working with the EDM Council on their DCAM framework, a relationship which is still central to our thinking today. Partnerships with Collibra and Solidatus soon followed, as we developed fresh ways to help companies improve their data.

Nowadays we’re expanding into new sectors and working with clients across Europe and North America from our offices in the UK and USA.

As recognised Data Management thought leaders we take time to understand the latest challenges organisations are facing, and the impact of emerging innovations in this space. We help to develop best practice and regularly host data leader events to encourage the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

It’s reassuring that data is starting to get the attention and appreciation we think it deserves, but as both volume and complexity continue to increase, we know there’ll be much more Data Management fun to be had in the years ahead…

Our Partnerships

We’ve formed partnerships with organisations where we feel we can help each other support clients in their Data Management work. We’re particularly knowledgeable about these, but we’re happy to work with all technologies and frameworks.

The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council creates and implements global standards for effective data management. Our partnership means the solutions, techniques and principles we use to help clients are informed by cutting-edge research based on industry best practice.

Ortecha works closely with Collibra to support organisations who’ve chosen to adopt this market-leading data governance and metadata tool. We help Collibra clients to use the tool effectively and improve adoption and usage to realise greater return on investment.

Solidatus is an intuitive, simple-to-use web based application that gives businesses the ability to rapidly map and visualise their data landscape, and simplify data lineage. We provide consulting services and accelerated delivery using Solidatus as a key component of the data landscape.


We have a fantastic team of consultants ready to help you solve your data dilemmas. They come from a range of backgrounds (from mechanical engineering to classical music) but are united in their ability to bring sense to disorganised data. Our five partners lead, guide and inspire.

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