What's Solidatus?

Solidatus is award-winning data lineage tool with an intuitive visual interface that allows connections between different layers of information to be quickly analysed and presented.

Map how your data passes through systems

Capture and maintain many-to-many relationships

Discover the root cause of issues and inefficiencies

Demonstrate how you comply with regulation

Use adapters to quickly harvest lineage from other tools

Why Ortecha?

We’re big fans of Solidatus and often turn to it when analysing data, processes or documents. We work closely with the creators of the tool as they continue to develop new features.

Ortecha was Solidatus’ first Consulting Partner

We understand the possibilities (and limitations) of the tool

We know how best to structure information in the layers

We can teach you how to extract insights from your data

We love those “aha” moments when discoveries are made!


How we can help you

Solidatus Implementation

Are you new to Solidatus and unsure how to get all the layers, connections and rules set up? We can review your requirements and help you build your models so you get the most from the tool.

Solidatus Audit

Are you already using Solidatus but finding you’re not using it as effectively as you could? We can analyse your models and approach, and develop a practical plan for getting everything working smoothly.


Data Lineage

Are you using Solidatus to document your Data Lineage, but struggling to capture it at the right level? We can help you define your data flows and transformations so they’re useable & valuable.

Solidatus Consulting

Wherever you are with Solidatus we can support you. Whether you need high-level one-off advice or regular ongoing guidance, we can help you use Solidatus to manage your information mapping.


Solidatus at a Big 4 UK Bank

The Challenge

A Big 4 UK Bank had decided to implement a new General Ledger fed by strategic accounting data feeds.

However, a disparate team of Business Analysts working at speed and in parallel were having to use spreadsheets to define the feeds, and the formats were starting to diverge.

It was complex and time-consuming to look across the strategic feeds to verify consistency and alignment to the original business requirements, and they realised they needed a better approach.

What we did

Loaded the various feed specification spreadsheets into a Solidatus model

Showed the Lead Business Analyst how to interrogate and filter the model

Discovered that feeds were being inconsistently mapped

Identified critical accounting data items that had been incorrectly mapped

Caused the Lead Business Analyst to exclaim “Why have we done that?!”

The Benefits

Discovered issues far earlier than otherwise possible, with little overhead

Enabled the team to harmonise and review their work across multiple feeds

Provided an easier way to share mapping information with stakeholders

Gave the bank far greater confidence in the mappings being delivered

Using Solidatus you've found issues we would not have found ourselves.

Lead Analyst, Big 4 UK Bank

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