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Clarity is incredibly important in Data Management. Without it, you might find that different departments have inconsistent definitions of the same data element, or that data scientists spend more time wrangling data into a useable format than they do on their analysis. Avoid inefficiency by establishing unambiguous definitions, coherent lineage and helpful metadata.

Simplify your data landscape by logically structuring data, standardising terminology and documenting meaning in context

Trace issues from consumer back to producer by capturing how data is transformed as it flows through systems, process or teams

Understand, use and re-use data efficiently by getting tacit information about your data into a central repository accessible to all

Improve Control

It’s vital to get your data under control. Without it, you may find that no-one seems to own the data, decisions don’t get made or priorities clash. Avoid frustration by creating an achievable strategy and light-touch governance. If you’re looking to set up a program to improve your Data Management, DCAM is a great framework to use as guidance, with the added advantage that you can assign your capabilities a score to show progress over time.

Give everyone a common vision and direction of travel for your data by defining a strategy that supports your business goals

Benchmark your capabilities and use a metric to prove your progress by adopting a framework built on global best practice

Make processes clear and efficient by defining roles & responsibilities, policies and standards with minimal bureaucracy

Improve Tooling

There are all sorts of Data Management tools that can help you gather, structure or visualise your information, and importantly, keep it maintained. We can help you make the most of whichever tools you use but we’re particularly close to Collibra (for creating a metadata catalogue and setting up governance workflows) and Solidatus (for documenting data lineage and mapping governance documents to regulations or frameworks).

Automate workflows and centrally store your metadata and governance artefacts in this market-leading data management tool

Visualise transformations, processes or documents and quickly trace connections in this award-winning data lineage tool

Don't Know Where To Start?

Don’t worry! We know that Data Management isn’t easy, whether you’re in a relatively new organisation or having to bring order to legacy systems that have developed over the years into something resembling spaghetti. And even when you know what you’re doing, the sheer amount of data can be daunting. Wherever you are in your journey, and whatever your ambitions for your data, we can guide you.

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