Catalogue your Metadata so everyone in your organisation can use data efficiently

What's MetaData?

Metadata provides the underlying description of the ‘real’ data, such as what it means, who owns it, and how it was collected. Key individuals may already know some of this, but it’s vital to catalogue it centrally if you want everyone to find, understand, use and re-use data efficiently.

Identify the Metadata that will be most useful to your business

Create a single, central repository for capturing Metadata

Gather the tribal, tacit knowledge from your experts’ minds

Establish processes to keep your Metadata up-to-date

Design your systems so Metadata is automatically captured

Why Ortecha?

Metadata is at the heart of Data Management, but too often ends up becoming inconsistent across an organisation. We can teach you how to define, capture and store meaningful Metadata that will complement and support the way you handle your ‘real’ data.

We understand the challenges involved in managing Metadata

We can advise what Metadata is worth capturing

We can help you structure and store Metadata efficiently

We know how to avoid Metadata swamps

We’re experts in Metadata management tools like Collibra

How we can help you

Metadata Strategy

Do you know how you’ll tackle Metadata? Are you concerned you’ll create a Metadata swamp that no-one will use? We can help you to define a meaningful Metadata strategy that is valuable to your business.

Metadata Audit

If you’ve been gathering Metadata for a while, you may find you’re not using it as effectively as you could. We can review your Metadata platform and content, and get everything working smoothly.

Metadata Healthcheck

Even when you think you’re managing your metadata well, it can be easy to get into bad habits over time. We carry out regular audits, up to four per year, to keep you on the right track for the long term.

Metadata Consulting

Wherever you are with your metadata we can support you. Whether you need high-level one-off advice or regular ongoing guidance, we can help you to efficiently manage your metadata.


Collibra Workflows at a Big UK Bank

The Challenge

A Big UK Bank had adopted Collibra as their Metadata tool, and were successfully using the Data Catalogue functionality to store their data elements and definitions, but hadn’t reflected their processes in the Workflows. Data Assets weren’t progressing through the lifecycle from ‘candidate’ to ‘approved’, so users lacked confidence using them.

The Chief Data Office team wanted to define their processes, set up the related Workflows, and understand the pros and cons of Collibra customisation.

What we did

Reviewed their Collibra implementation to understand existing customisations

Documented current and target state for their critical processes

Coached the Chief Data Office team how best to enable and customise Workflows

Recommended a way to mask unapproved assets from users

The Benefits

Clearly defined roles & responsibilities, process steps and dependencies

Improved knowledge of how to set up, edit and maintain Workflows

Increased understanding of how to make the most of the Collibra environment

Clarified the Data Asset lifecycle status, driving more confidence in their use

The focus on what the client needs balanced with real life examples of how to get there has been refreshing.