The data leadership series part three

Building an effective data culture

What is the Data Leadership Series?

Each month, with the help of data and analytics experts in the panel, we will guide you and your teams through a relevant data leadership topic – with practical advice that you can follow. 

What is this event about?

An effective data culture will largely influence the successful outcome of your data strategy. If your organisational culture is fearful of change and sceptical of data, adoption of new ways of working with data will be fragile and slow. As a data leader, often fighting for room to operate in an organisational culture that can be resistant to change, you need some ways to communicate how embracing data as a positive and progressive force will ultimately accelerate not just your success, but your stakeholders’ success too.

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Approaches to data culture

Part 1 discusses what we mean by a data culture and how it relates to concepts like data literacy, data fluency and data-driven decision-making. It introduces the idea of an effective data culture – what it is and what it is not, and the impact it can have on efficiency, innovation and customer experience. We’ll consider why it’s a challenging topic for many Data Leaders, even though it’s commonly considered a major influence on the success of data initiatives.

Understanding the core concepts

Part 2 describes the underlying concepts, drawing from a wide pool of experience across change management, training and data & analytics best practices. We will look at how Data Culture is affected by the underlying organisational culture and whether it really is the ‘carrot’ to the Data Governance ‘stick’. We’ll also discuss the principles of data-driven decision-making and some of the techniques that have had success in recent times.

Foundations for success

Part 3 is about getting practical. Our speakers will share their tips for defining and measuring the attitudes and behaviours that characterise a Data Culture, and crucially, how to improve a Data Culture! Any change requires overcoming resistance and the whole organisation needs to be engaged in the process. We’ll consider how to gain the support of leadership peers and enable teams delivering in the context of their business.


Pete Youngs

Managing Partner, Ortecha

Araminta Huitson

Principal Consultant, Ortecha

Catherine Hayes

Culture Transformation specialist

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Data culture refers to the consistent thought patterns and behaviours employees demonstrate while handling data, with the key aspect being the ‘repeated patterns’ in data interaction.

Data culture, while influenced by organisational culture, is a unique concept sometimes dismissed as immeasurable. Evaluating your data culture and its daily application can enhance workforce engagement.

A good data culture is one where everyone feels a collective responsibility for data, and interacting with it is a normal part of everyday work. But how to encourage the right attitudes and behaviours?