The data leadership series part four

Data Products

What is the Data Leadership Series?

Each month, with the help of data experts on the panel, we will guide you and your teams through a relevant data leadership topic – with practical advice that you can follow.

What is this event about?

A Data Product is a way to make a data asset reusable and consumable. Data assets can be datasets, dashboards, machine-learning models and much more!


It is an idea that combines data management with product thinking (a practice already well established in software development) but there is a lot of confusion about what it is or what it should be.


We hope to provide some context to this debate and share some useful insights for Data Leaders who are reflecting on this topic.

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Approaches to data products

Part 1 looks at data products in the context of an organisation, with a multidisciplinary approach that includes best practices from product design, product management and enterprise data management. We’ll apply product thinking and provide pointers for successful outcomes when both producing and consuming data products.

Understanding the core concepts

Part 2 describes the underlying concepts and building blocks of data products, and the role of metadata. We’ll discuss what data products are and what they are not, how they fit with modern data architecture such as data mesh and how they’re different from data sets and other data assets.

Foundations for success

Part 3 considers some of the practicalities: how working with data products can impact a data strategy and the way companies organise themselves; what data products can offer, and how to provide and exploit them successfully.

Learn from industry experts

Join leading experts who are ready to share insights gained from real-life experience working with data products.

Steve Fisher

Principal Consultant, Ortecha

Jon Cooke

CTO & Founder, Dataception

Stephen Gatchell

Director of Data Advisory, BigID