The data leadership series part one

Designing a
data strategy

What is the Data Leadership Series?

Each month, with the help of data and analytics experts in the panel, we will guide you and your teams through a relevant data leadership topic – with practical advice that you can follow. 

What is this event about?

We introduce the approach, principles, and deliverables necessary to design an impactful data strategy for your organisation. This is particularly useful for CDAOs and data teams looking for guidance on bringing their business colleagues into the fold – by defining a data strategy that delivers commercial outcomes.

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Approaching a data strategy

Part 1 introduces the approach to designing a data strategy. You’ll learn about assessing capabilities, what is best practice, how to create a common understanding, what to look out for and how to prioritise your objectives over the long- and short-term. 

Understanding key concepts

Part 2 discusses key concepts in data strategy including setting objectives, understanding the role of data management, leadership and accountability, alignment of technical and commercial stakeholders and defining a foundational model for metadata. 

Building the foundations

Part 3 addresses the practical foundations of your data strategy including how to gather requirements and create an impactful business case, how to perform a current/target state analysis and build a roadmap that underpins resource planning for your strategy, and success KPIs.


Mark McQueen

Managing Partner, Ortecha

Cindy Sullivan

Principal Consultant, Ortecha

Ben Clinch

Head of Information Architecture, BT Group

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Aligning your data strategy with overall objectives is critical. Treating it as a living document, adaptable to changing conditions, is key to achieving measurable progress and delivering on organisational goals.

This article guides you in transforming your data strategy from a technical document into a dynamic business tool that delivers a return on investment.

What to include in a Data Strategy document? It needs to align with your overall business strategy and importantly, be practical. We’ve compiled a list of the nine fundamental components to cover.